[Bug?] Selected AND disabled checkbox not rendering as selected


Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m encountering the following:

  • Checkbox element is marked as selected, and has disabled style
  • But said checkbox renders as unselected and disabled

Is this correct behavior?


Hi Dale!

It sounds like you’re running into some unexpected behavior with checkbox widgets that our teams have on file. Our teams are currently investigating this issue and I’ll be adding a note to this issue’s bug report regarding your experience.

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Same thing has been in place for every version of Axure. I consider it a bug, or at least an unfortunate limitation. It would be nice if there were an additional style for “selected and disabled”

To get around this, I’ve had to build my own checkboxes and radios by scratch, as dynamic panels with one state for each checkbox state. You could probably build a two state dp, one with your standard checkbox, one with a duplicate styled as you want selected and checked to look, so that when a selected cb becomes disabled, the dp changes to State2.

Any update on this? I’m still experiencing this with checkboxes and it’s very frustrating to have to create custom inputs as a workaround. It renders properly in the app but as soon as I preview or publish, it no longer appears to be disabled.

I still have this issue in november 2021.
Did I miss the fix for that?