Bug: Selecting dynamic panel

I have a dynamic panel that I’m having a hard time selecting. Other panels and objects will highlight on hover and I can click on them to select them. When I hover over this one particular panel, it doesn’t show the selection outline. When I try to click on it, it selects the object underneath it.

But there’s a small rectangular area about 250 px wide by 20 px height in the upper left hand corner of the panel that seems to act normally (the entire panel is 620 x 765). I’m also able to select it via the Outline tab.

Right now it sits above all other objects so I don’t anything is blocking it.

Hi pixeler,

Could you attach the .rp file where this is happening? And could you let me know whether this was a file created in the 9 beta, or from Axure RP 8? Any details about how the dynamic panel got in to this state will also be a big help. Thanks!

Hi Jane, I’ll send it to you via email.