[Bug] Set Focus does not work on iOS if there is a wait command

Hi everyone,

I found a bug, where (only) on iOS devices the keyboard would not open when the “set focus” command is used.

After trying around I found set focus does not trigger if there is a “wait XY ms” command before the set focus. Without a wait command it always works:

Might this be a security measure of iOS to prevent klickjacking? Interestingly it also does not work if one uses a “fire event” command with a wait command before the fire event.

Also, on Android and PC there is never a problem.

Any update on this? It’s causing all kinds of issues in a round of app testing. It’s not only wait events that cause this it’s also animate events.

We’re trying to mock a multi-step form where when the user clicks next. the next step of the form slides across and focus is set to the new form field. If any animate element is set on the dynamic panel containing the form field I want to apply focus to iOS safari will refuse to set focus.