Bug : show hidden dynamic panel > scrollbar not working anymore

Hi all,

Taking a dynamic panel with a vertical scroll.
If I hide it and show it after a button click, the vertical scroll does not work anymore.
Any workaround?


@JT_N do you mind sharing the file? i replicate your scenario and it’s working on my side

dynamic scroll.rp (52.0 KB)

Here the file.
The page dimensions are set to an android tablet.
There is 2 dynamic panels in the page, the top one is hidden and appears after the button click.


it’s still scrollable on my side in Chrome

the 2nd d-panel scrolling doesn’t work upon the page is loaded, But after i click the button, both of those 2 panels can scroll normally

I guess it might relate to this one if you are testing with Safari

Still scrollable with the mouse wheel or by interacting with the scrollbar.
But by setting the page dimensions to a tablet, that is supposed to scroll by left clicking/dragging the mouse as it work for the bottom panel

I had exactly the same problem, tried everything to change it- making a master, putting all my content into separate dynamic panels, showing the one panel and hiding the other, etc- nothing worked. The only way I could fix it was by making the hidden panel a new page… which is not ideal… If anyone knows how to fix this I am also interested!

I am having the same issue but I have managed to work around this by starting with the object off the page, unhidden and then when I click on the button to show the dynamic panel I move the object into view on the x axis which means the scrollbar loads correctly. When I click on the close button on the dynamic panel it reverses the move