[Bug] Widgets on 0,0 don't obey snapping

Bit of a weird bug. If I have snapping enabled (Snap to Grid 10px), dragging the resize handles works fine for widgets that aren’t located at 0,0. If I move a widget to 0,0, then when I drag the resize handles, it resizes pixel by pixel as opposed to 10px increments

Axure RP9 Pro

Hi MattRoberts!

I’ve tested this behavior out on my end and was able to reproduce this issue. This looks to be unexpected, so I’ll be filing a bug report about this issue on your behalf. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

Awesome :slight_smile:

@Chelsea_Axure FYI, this also appears to be happening when you are at a page zoom level greater than 100%, regardless of whether you’re on 0,0 - you’re still able to resize in 1px increments

Hi MattRoberts,

Sorry for the delay on checking this out! I’m not sure I’m able to reproduce this one at the moment—do you recall what zoom level you were set to when you saw that behavior? Thanks in advance!

@Chelsea_Axure 400% and upwards

Thanks @MattRoberts! Zooming to 400% did the trick and I was able to reproduce the issue. I’ll be filing a new bug report about this since it occurs under some different circumstances, but thanks again for letting us know about this!

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