Bug: Width resize snapping is 1px short


  • I have a canvas with a specific width set, e.g. iPhone 8 Plus (i.e. 414).
  • I drop a widget on to it, e.g. Box 3 Default Common widget

I drag resize it to fit the width of the canvas, auto-snapping helps me and makes it fit

The assistive auto-snapping will make the widget the correct full canvas width (e.g. 414)

It’s 1 pixel short, e.g. 413.

This happens for every widget, every canvas width and is very annoying to manually increase by 1px.

I’m assuming this is a bug and can be fixed?

Yep many reported this bug same as this Resize snap is not working as expected
Hope Axure will solve it soon, anyway not so important to me since I am using AX to prototypes with lo - mid fidelity.