Button interaction inside Mouseover not working - RESOLVED!

Hello everyone,

I have created an ‘OnMouseHover’ interaction which is set to show’Dynamic panel’(treat as flyout), but inside the dynamic panel i have a rectangle that i want a click action on.

In the below video URL you will see i have hovered over an area and another layer of text appears(dynamic panel) and within that i have the Edit button, which does not seem to be working:

Can anyone please provide a solution?

Hi bhanu2307,

Could you post a copy of the prototype file you’re currently working with? If your file is a team project, you can export it to a regular RP file by opening it in Axure RP and then going to “File > Export Team Project to File” in the menu.

If you can post a copy of your file, we’ll be able to get a closer look at what might be going on!

Hello Simon,

Thanks for the response. Sure, please see this MockupP2_v0.2 - Copy.rp (124.8 KB)

Let me know if you can fix this issue.

Did you wanted to do something like that?
MockupP2_v0.3.rp (118.6 KB)

If so, I would recommend to use OnMouseEnter and not OnMouseHover to trigger the interaction


Thanks Everyone for the help!
The solution worked. I am new here so need help in all these tiny mistakes. Thanks for rectifying :slight_smile:

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