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Hello again,

I can’t figure out why my button “submit” on my page “New Dataset 2” is not working…
It worked perfectly one time, and then it broke… It’s suppose to set a state of dynamic panel (on the same page).

Can you tell me what is the problem ?
Before it break, I tried to add an anchor so you came back to the top of the page, and not at the bottom like it did. Since then, it broke. I removed the anchor/hot spot, but it’s still broken…

Maquette 1 - Help.rp (3.2 MB)


The Submit button does change the state of the DatasetsWaiting dynamic panel (dp) to Waiting. I turned on the Console Trace and confirmed this is the case. You won’t be able to see this in the prototype, however, because the DatasetsWaiting dp is in the Waiting validation state of the parent (unnamed) dp, which is not in view by default. To see the changed state, you will also need to change the state of your unnamed dp from Review to Waiting validation.


Thank you so much ! That was easy to fix :smiley:
By any chance, do you know how to make it go to the top of the page after the state change ? Because for now it’s on the bottom level… Do I need an anchor ?

Thank you again !


Not sure what “it” is…? The dynamic panel? The Submit button? In general, you can just use the action, Move to move widgets. If you want to do this always when the dynamic panel state changes, you can assign the action to the OnPanelStateChange event. If you only want to move “it” to the top when the state changes to “Waiting” then you can use a condition of “If state of This equals state Waiting”.

To move a widget to the top of the page, just specify “Move This To [[Target.x]], 0” in the Move action. So, [[Target.x]] means “move the target (widget) to the current x-location of that target” or in other words, “don’t move horizontally”. Of course, “0” is the topmost y-location. If you want to move it near the top but not quite exactly at the top of the page, then, yes you can place an anchor (e.g. hotspot) and refer to the that widget’s y-location, or just use a hard number, like “10”.


Sorry, I meant the page to go on top when I change my panel state. For now, It stays at the bottom of the page (between the “review” and the “waiting/progress”). The page doesn’t go back up at the state change.


Oh, now I get it… you want the page to scroll to the top. Yes, there is a Scroll To Widget action you can use. You have a lot of unnamed widgets and dynamic panels, but you should be able to select one of them. Add in a timing effect, like “ease in and out” for better feedback about what is happening when user clicks the Submit button.

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