Button to control tab panel state?

Hi there! I need some help. I’m still new to Axure and I’m running into a big issue. I am creating a project that uses tabs as navigation which has worked well so far. The final tab is called ‘Tasks’ and within that tab, I’ve created a tab state called Tab 7 - View Task (click on the name Kevin Malone). This page holds a button called ‘Start Task’. When this button is clicked, I need the Tasks tab to always show the View all tasks selected view on all the tabs but I need it to show the unselected view on all the tabs when that start button is not checked.

Here is my rp file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jn6jj82sb5ua248/SmartCare_Prototype_05.14.18.rp?dl=0

Can anyone help?

For anyone following up,

Julz wrote into the help desk, and we were able to assist through that channel. The main thing was tracking the “Start Task” button’s OnClick so that clicking on any of the tabs after this will take into account that the user’s task is now “in progress”. You can do this with global variables and conditional logic:



So OnClick of the “Start Task” button, set the value of a global variable (e.g. StartTaskVar) to a value such as “true”:

If the value of “StartTaskVar” equals “true”, then set the panel state to “Tab 7 - View all Tasks - Selected” on click of the “Tasks” button. Else if the value of “StartTaskVar” does not equal “true”, then set the panel state to “Tab 7 - View all Tasks - Unselected” on click of the “Tasks” button:


Once that’s done, edit the OnClick of the “Tasks” button from each state to check for this condition.

And that should do it! :slight_smile: