By using axure team how many users login


how many users login by using axure team

Hi! To clarify your question, are you wondering how many users can use a Team edition license? Each of our licenses are single-user licenses, so one Team edition license can be used by one user. If you have several users who need to use the Team edition of Axure RP then each of them would need to have a separate license. Hopefully that helps!


I want to use axure Rp in 10desktops, so what is your best suggestion for licensing purchase, can I use one license for 10 users or take it to individual

Hi! If you will be activating Axure RP on 10 machines, and each of those machines will be used by a different user, then you would need to acquire 10 separate licenses (1 per user). If the environment that you would be installing Axure RP in is a classroom or school computer lab, then we’d recommend applying for a classroom license on our EDU page here:

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