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Some colleagues of mine are having problems with pages in prototypes caching. Both while previewing and while viewing a published prototype. Pages just keep showing older versions of the page after they have been updated.

Are there any caching settings in Axure that could cause this at all?


What OS, browser and Axure version are you using?

Safari is usually the most aggressive with caching. You can try a hard refresh to help on the browsers (usually something like Ctrl-F5, Cmd-(Shift)-R). You can also try clearing the cache. We’ll look to see if we can do something easier.


Yeah they are having to clear the cache all the time and sometimes it doesn’t help. One is on newest chrome on mac and the other it happens to them in chrome and firefox on pc.

I am looking into disabling cache completely just for the preview IP and the site we publish html files too.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Did you find something easier? This is very annoying. Even on AxShare the problem persists…
How am I supposed to discuss changes in concepts with my coworkers if half of them don’t even realize that there are changes?

Browser is usually Chrome 42 on Windows.

I cannot tell all of my coworkers to hard refresh every time they open a page.
.htaccess or meta tags in HTML-files need to do the trick.

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This post helped me a lot (using AxShare):


Is there any ETA on when this will be fixed? This is a major issue for me. I can’t duplicate pages cause it keeps the old information from the original no matter what I do. Clear Cache, restart browser (Safari 9.0.1, Chrome 46) I end up having to create new pages then copy the content from the orginal one and then deleting the old page. But even sometime this doesn’t work. Seems like a simple caching issue that should have been fixed awhile ago.


Hi youngblood97,

It looks like we still have an open issue for the caching issue, but I’ll go ahead and add your forum post to the filed bug report so that our dev team knows that this issue is still affecting people on modern browsers. In the meantime, were you able to try the workaround that the user above you linked to? That seems to have helped other users who are using AxShare.


+1 on the request to fix or address caching.

This has been requested in past threads, like this one: Expires / No-cache Although the solution is not posted there, it would seem to involve manually editing the HTML for index.html , such as with these instructions: http - Making sure a web page is not cached, across all browsers - Stack Overflow .

I get hit on both ends of this… For prototypes intended for user testing or demonstrations, I find it’s best to run through the prototype once to cache main pages and images. So, caching is good in those cases. But, for anything that gets updated, like “specs”, ongoing demos, or updated test prototypes posted to web servers, there’s not an easy or reliable way to guarantee a visitor is viewing the most recent version.

To address these caching issues, I’ve found it works best to load the prototype using the Private or Incognito modes (depending on browser brand; more info here: Activating Incognito Browsing Mode in Your Browser ) This is because those browser modes do not cache pages for privacy reasons. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl-F5 on most browsers to reload a page without any cache. However, this may need to be done on each/multiple pages and isn’t easy to remember. It also helps to put version numbers somewhere on the pages (and then remember to update those numbers!) when it is critical, like for specs.


This has been a major issue for me in the past and is dogging me again right now. After sending some updates to a client last night I had them come back to me saying the site was all messed up and the fonts were Times New Roman (instead of our font-face designated font). No amount of refreshing server files and clearing browser cache seemed to sort it and the only way I could get them to see the recent version of the prototype was to upload it to a new directory. I then had to redirect the old URL to this as multiple clients had been given that URL previously. This is a massive headache and I can’t be there to check with every person viewing it that they’re seeing the right stuff.

  1. Are there any reasonable measures that can be taken when delivering a prototype to clients and testers to ensure they’re seeing the version of the site as you intend it to be? This needs to be on the basis that you don’t know how many people will view it, you can’t know what equipment they will use and you can’t be there in person to check or provide any instructions beyond normal browsing behaviour. Also they may or may not have viewed the URL before.

  2. My prototype in question is somewhat of a ‘heavyweight’ and very much relies on cacheing for performance. Whatever solutions there are for the above problem they would need to not eradicate cacheing.


Hi russtik,

I’m very sorry to hear this. There’s currently a few known bugs surrounding cache, but it sounds like something more specific may be going on. If possible, could you send over the pertaining RP file to I’d like to make sure that nothing else is causing the site and font to be “messed up”, besides the caching.

In regards to your first question, there isn’t yet a definitive way to confirm that the generated HTML is the most recent one, especially on those bases. There is, however, an ongoing feature request for the ability to bypass browser cache with the generated/regenerated HTML, and we’ll hopefully see an implementation of this in a future release.

A workaround for now is to clear the browser cache, as mentioned above, or to add some type of meta “no-caching” tag to ensure that the generated output is cached every time, also mentioned above:

Disable all caching (avoid the need for Ctrl+F5)

I realize this rebuts your second point on the importance of cache for heavyweight projects. This sounds like a great feature request, though, and I’ll be happy to pass this along to our PM team to add to the ongoing discussion of bypassing browser cache. Hopefully this helps for the time being.

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