Calculating in Axure

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to calculate in my Shopping basket.

I’m building a prototype where people can order domain names. In the cart I’m showing in real-time their order and also calculate the price without TAX, TAX price and the price including TAX.

The prices in the widgets are like this: 12.50

What I’m doing at the moment is setting a text on the widget with the price exl. TAX (prices in on the order page are all exl. TAX). This works (price1 + price2), but there are no zero’s behind the value, like you see in prices. Now you see “25” but I want it to be like “25.00”

After that I want to calculate the price of TAX (21%). So my calculation is: [[Text on Widget to Local variabel (12.50) * 0.21]] the expected result should be: 2.62, but I get 2.625. I want only want two numbers behind the dot.

This is it for now, thanks!

@Jannick Check if this thread helps

Example demo : calculation with two decimals.rp (52.0 KB)