Can Axure 8 and 9 (not the beta version) both be kept on the computer when upgrading?

In the past I’ve been able to have both Axure 7 and 8 on my computer but they were never labeled as “upgrades”. If 9 is an upgrade, does that mean it will remove 8 or can I still keep 8 with the 9 upgrade? I saw a similar question but it referred to the beta version, I want to make sure this is the same answer for the non beta version

Hi there! Yes, you can have both Axure RP 8 and Axure RP 9 (the non-beta version) installed on your computer at the same time, as they are separate applications (just like Axure RP 8 and Axure RP 7). With that said, please note that Axure RP files are not backwards compatible, so any files you create/save in Axure RP 9 cannot be opened in Axure RP 8. Hopefully that helps!

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