Can axure randomly send users between two pages being tested?

I need to be able to test peoples reaction to two different designs for the same page. When a referral link is clicked, can axure randomly decide which of the two layouts to send the user to?

If it’s helpful, multiple testers will be using the prototype at the same time. Not sure if that plays into it or not.

Set up a blank landing page that will route them. Then using the OnPageLoad event…

If value [[Math.random()]] is greater than or equal to 0.5
Open pageA
Open pageB

EDIT: changed to >= instead of > since Math.random() returns a number in the range [0,1), and obviously you’re going to be testing millions of users and would notice the bias.

Thank you! is this effective even if my test base is less than 30 testers…more like 20, actually.

It will be effective in that the page the users see will be truly random, but there’s no protection against a majority of users seeing the same page, or even all 20 users seeing the same page.

This is a great point. If you really need an even split, send a link to Page A to half your participants and a link to Page B to the other half. If you truly need to randomize who gets what link, pick names out of a hat until you reach half.

Great question: do you really want it to be random, or do you want it to be evenly split? Those two aren’t necessarily the same thing.

good point. I would want it to be even, given the small number of testers

Agree with @nkrisc that your path of least resistance would be to manually generate the links. Otherwise you’d need to build some external source of truth that kept track of how many people viewed each page and then was smart enough to stop randomly assigning when one page hit half.

OK. Sorry if this is obvious but I just want to be clear. We’re talking about basically having two different prototypes. One for each option?

That’s kind of up to you - you could build it all in one page with Dynamic Panels and use a global variable that can be passed in the URL to trigger the states. Might be a more efficient approach if most of the content is the same.

OK. I know how to use global variables. But how would I tell the prototype which DP to display?

Put an onPageLoad event that sets the dynamic panel state to the value of a variable. In my example, i’m just using the generic onLoadVariable:


Then in your URL, include a URL parameter to set the global variable:

i.e. this assigns “B”

this assigns “A”:

You may see a quick flash of “A” on the first… Also, without the variable you’ll get “A” as it’s the first.

VariableSettingDPState.rp (51.2 KB)

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Thank you so much for all your help!
I’m going to give this option a try.