Can I cut and paste FROM a data table TO Excel?

I know I can c & p Excel -> Axure Table. But how about Axure Table -> Excel. I need to massage my data. Better yet, just link me to my excel or .csv file. - rs

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Hey Ron,

You can copy and paste content from an Axure table to an Excel file and vice versa by selecting the appropriate content and using keyboard shortcuts (CTRL + C = copy, CTRL + V = paste).

Unzip the attached file and dump the .swf in a browser to see the end result. Apologies for the audio static. Forgot to mute the mic hehe.

light_forger - 7.0 table & excel (414 KB)

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Ah, sorry, should’ve said repeater when I said data table, you can paste into the repeater data set but not cut out to excel. That said, I wish I could cut and paste from excel to a regular table. When I do Axure just puts all the cells I cut from Excel into one Axure table cell.

You can totally copy and paste from a repeater table into Excel. Just highlight the cells in the repeater data you want to copy, and ctrl+C to copy and then paste into Excel; even better, once you do that, you can mass edit the data in Excel (spellcheck, search and replace, whatever) and then paste it BACK into the repeater and it will overwrite the original info. When you paste, just make sure you only have the first cell selected.

Also, the same goes for pasting into an Axure table. Use ctrl+V or the paste icon from the menu bar; you should then get a pop-up asking you if you want to paste as table data - choose yes, and you should be good to go.

Copy-Pasting from Axure to Excel does not work for me as described by light_forger. I get a comma separated text in a cell like a,b,c. Unfortunately I don’t know why.

One workaround is that I then use the Excel-Function “Text to columns” in the “Data” Tab.