Can I do this accordion layout in Axure?

See attached layout.

In this layout, the header and body are nested inside a box.

All accordion examples I have seen shows only the body is enclosed in an expanding box.

Is this possible on Axure, if so how?
Thanks in advance.

accordion_test.rp (57.8 KB)

I’m not sure I fully understood the question… but maybe something like this?

accordion_test-2.rp (102.9 KB)

Yes that’s what I was wanting to do :slight_smile:

Is there a way to animate opening and closing states?

I tried it on the on click event and on the repeater’s onitemload but it doesn’t seem to work.

with this approach, not really. when you open/close dynamic panels inside of a repeater, the repeater doesn’t resize until after the show/hide or open/close has finished. I think it has to do with the way Axure puts the javascript onto the stack in the browser.

That said, hows about this?

accordion_test-2.rp (123.9 KB)

Thanks for the replies.

I think the way it is sliding up and down is a little wobbly compared to normal accordion, but I will probably use it that way for now, so thanks for that.

But the one I’m having problem with is that my default layout is a bit random.
My first box is closed, while the second is open (see attached).

How do I set the default layout of the boxes to be more random?
I.e., on initial load, have certain boxes be open and certain boxes be closed?

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