Can I download my RP File from my Axshare account?

I used to be able to download my RP files directly from my Axshare account, but I can’t seem to find that option anymore. Am I missing something? Is there a way for me to download one of my RP files from my account? I’m on a new machine, and I didn’t move all of my RP files, but I need to download and edit one of them. Anybody have any ideas?

Under the “Configure” column, click the gear menu for the project and select “File and Settings”. On that page, the file name is a link to download your file.

Exactly the type of interaction I loathe. Makes you dig.

I’ve clicked on everything on that page and nothing is the rp file…

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Hi! To add to the info above, I wanted to mention that whether or not a download link appears depends on the file type of the project that you’re viewing. If the published project is a .rp or .rplib file (i.e. regular RP or widget library) then it can be downloaded. However, if the project that you’re viewing on the “File + Settings” page is a team project, then no download link will be available because the project hosted at that ID is a team repository, not a downloadable file. If you need to retrieve a copy of that team project then you can either grab a new local copy in Axure RP via “Team > Get and Open Local Copy”, or export a .rp file from the team project via “Team > Browse Team Project History”.

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