Can I rely on Axure generated html?

Hi guys,

I started using Axure RP 7.0 yesterday and I like it so far ! I’m almost done creating prototype.

Question is, can I use HTML output to have a reliable front-end ?

I’m doing a solo web application project with limited web design experience. From friends I talked with, I understand I would need to learn Python, Django, set up MySQL database and maybe learn some Java (+ HTML & CSS that I used years ago). Axure is only the first step in this process, and I’m not sure if I can rely on it for more than creating a mock-up.

Here’s a thread from 5 years ago when this question was asked. I believe Axure changed more than slightly since then.

Can I rely on Axure generated HTML as good to go?

Help much appreciated !


I wonder about the advice to learn Python, Django and Java. It might be useful in some special cases but in general its a bad idea. HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the basic web technologies. If you need an online database MySQL is fine (to read and write to the database there are a number of frameworks in different languages). Many cases can be covered with local storage.

You can rely on Axure HTML. Axure is a prototyping tool and the HTML will provide reliable results on any browser. Perfect for testing issues. Using an Axure prototype as a static website… ok. Building a real data-driven web application with Axure is…(im)possible. Some users might be able to do it. A strong understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, some kind of server-sided script… PHP perhaps, are mandatory.

Thanks Gregor !

For the web application I’d need to be passing some inputs from the user to the Database (and back). I can use either PHP or Python for that from what I understand (?)

I’m positive that I’d need to dig into the code heavy and Axure doesn’t go that far.

My concern is whether or not should I spend time polishing the prototype using Axure with dynamic panels, interactions etc. IF in the end the HTML code that I’d get I would need to edit a lot (which would for example prove that I should’ve learned Bootstrap from the beginning and use Axure for a Mock-up only).

I might be far away in understanding what I exactly need, and what different tools might do but that’s why I’m here :slight_smile:

You can also send and receive data with other technologies. Starting with Pearl/ CGI to JavaScript/ AJAX. Perhaps you don’t even need to care about all that and need to attach a content management system.
Learn Bootstrap… Bootstrap is a frontend framwork, not a language… and it is one of many.

Back to your initial question… Do not use Axure if you are not building a static website or a prototype.

Gregor is right on. If all you want your website to do is exactly what your Axure prototype does right now, then sure you can use it if you want. There are examples on the forums of people who have done just that. As soon as you start to need to add backend services, connections to databases, etc.: don’t use Axure for the final front-end code. Axure is excellent at what it does, but once you move beyond that, use the right tool for the job.

TL;DR: don’t use Axure’s generated code if you plan on editing it.

Hi Gregor,

I realise you posted this a couple of years ago, however I was wondering if you had any more recent insights into how to send and receive data from Axure? I would dearly like to send and received data from Axure variables to a MySQL database or a flat file.

Do you have any suggestions and/or examples you could send me please?

Also are you aware of any new possibilities with Axure 9? Note that I only use Axure 8 at the moment.

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