Can I use a dynamic url from excel?

Hi, I’m creating a prototype using the connector plugin. I have a searchresult page with tiles. The data on each tile is coming from a google excel sheet and that works great. Actually now I also want the button of each tile link to the url coming from the excel sheet. Is that possible? I could’nt find the solution in the forum.

Hi delightid,

It sounds like you want the buttons in your prototype to link to the URLs of an external Excel file–is this right? You can use the “Open Link” action make link a button to a particular external URL or file, however this button’s link will have to be manually updated from within the prototype in Axure RP:

With that said, I was hoping you could describe what you’re trying to do in a little more detail. Are you trying to link your buttons to the individual URLs provided within the Excel sheet, or to the URL of the sheet itself? Would you be able to provide an example or attach the RP file you’re currently working on? Having that may help me get a better idea of what you’re looking to do.

Hi delightid, I’ve been looking for the Connector plugin but, unfortunately, the javascript file is nowhere to be found since usabilitymatters went down. As it seems you have it working, would you mind sharing it with us?