Can someone explain how image repeaters work?

I can’t get my head around how this is achieved.

Hi @eb104 thanks for trying out the beta! I hope this might help to understand what’s going on with images in repeaters:

  1. Drag out the Repeater - Card from the Default library.
  2. Add a new column in the dataset
  3. Click “Connect widget” in the new column and choose the image widget
  4. In row 1 under this column, right-click and choose “Import Image”

Thanks, I got that working. Is there any way to bind a dynamic panel and then choose a state per row? that would be really powerful.


Widgets other than text and images continue to use the Item Loaded Event to associate the dataset and widgets. Docs from RP 9 (mostly still relevant) are here; or the support team can assist with specific inquiries -