Can someone help : defaulted interaction?

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Semi-newbie to Axure. Seem to be having a glitch with interactions, tested over two days that it is hopefully not user error!

I am having trouble with my prototype defaulting to a dynamic panel state on opening, I have no interactions on the page, neither the page before, so I have no commands to default on the unwanted state, when I refresh the page in preview it then goes to the default panel state I want. I have attached screen shots to show my point :slight_smile:

Unwanted state

Required State

Any help would be amazing, tearing my hair out and already reconstructed the page twice. Any ideas - happy to share video or link?

In the outline view on your left, whichever state is first will usually display by default. You can drag and drop them to reorder. Are yours in the correct order?

Thanks for the help and response Dave, much appreciated.

Yes, everything is in order. Oddly, when loaded it jumps straight to the 5th state, without any commands or links, but then reverts back to original order when I refresh the screen.

Got Axure support desk working on it, lets see.