Can we get like an Axure RP 8.5?

First off, thank you Axure team for all the hard work you guys put into RP 9 and giving us the opportunity to test the beta before its official release! This was something that I was looking forward to all summer, hitting the blog refresh button, checking out your twitter and facebook page daily, checking my email, to see when I would be notified of RP9.

First impression was awesome, UI looked clean, modern, all the new features like smart guides and master overrides sounded great. The new interaction builder looked cool, visually. Then as I dug deeper, and tried to actually use it for a project. Things started to fall apart. (Some of it I attribute to learning pains & new version bugs). But at the core of the issues, I feel like a lot of the UX, the usability of Axure got lost in RP9. This has been difficult for me to swallow, because out of all the tools out there that claim to be UX tools, I always felt Axure was the only real UX tool. All the other ones were glorified screen builders with screen-to-screen click through prototyping.

Of course, an Axure RP 8.5 would never happen. That wouldnt make sense for you guys. But I was just thinking Axure RP 8 with the new features mightve just been enough of an upgrade.

But knowing that is unlikely to happen. We all love Axure so I’m sure I can speak for the community, when I say we will do our best to work with your team to iron out all the bugs to make RP 9 a great product for the veterans and the newcomers. :smiley:


I totally agree with you. I’d upgrade Axure RP 8.5 than Axure RP 9, if there are any. All usability strength points of Axure RP 8 has gone at Axure RP 9, especially for the UI component viewpoint. I am very sad about the changes. Please give us some chance to choose UI theme between non-flat and flat style.

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