Can you resize dynamic panel contents based on its size?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a master that contains a variety of other objects contained within a box. I’ve done this by creating a dynamic panel which contains a box and some text, and turned on “trigger mouse interaction styles”. I made it a dynamic panel so that you can click on the entire widget, without having the text steal clicks from the box.

What I’d like to do is be able to place that dynamic panel anywhere and resize it, with the box changing size to fit the size of its parent - the dynamic panel. Is there a way to do this? Or is there a different method I can/should be using to create this master, rather than making it a dynamic panel?

Thanks in advance!

One approach that might work for you is instead of using a dynamic panel to group and capture the interactions, ditch the panel and Group all the widgets. Select the included widgets then hit CMD/CTRL + G. You can then apply the interactions to the Group (instead of the individual widget) and continue to use the Trigger Interaction Styles setting.

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Thanks - I didn’t know groups also had Trigger Mouse Interaction Styles. It sort of works - however, using a table within the group has some issues with this.

On mousing over the group it works fine. However, if you mouse over a table cell within the group, it seems to tell the table to switch all other cells to their default state, rather than inheriting the group’s mouseover state.

Hi kevleviathan,

Table cells have their own individual MouseOver interaction styles, so these will need to be set individually to have those styles to be applied when mousing over the group. The group’s “Trigger Mouse Interaction Styles” option will allow the mouse interactions of the group’s widgets to be triggered when those interactions are performed on the group itself, however each widget will still apply their own individual interaction styles. I hope this helps clarify some things!