Can you search for a reference in all events?

In RP8:

I’m trying to find various references to objects (like dynamic panels) within ALL events. I like how renaming an object renames its reference in the events it is used - that’s a nice feature that would be a nightmare without it.

But sometimes if you’ve forgotten an errant reference somewhere in a complex RP file, you can tell what is affecting your object. I know there is a trace stack, but I really need a FIND which selects the next object referring to your object and highlights the event Case where your object is used. And then you can go NEXT and PREV to find all instances of where it is used - a count would also be nice.

Without having a code text file, navigating to all pages’ objects and event cases is seriously cumbersome. Any love on this side coming to RP8 soon? Or a feature I’ unaware of?


Hey popweb,

This isn’t in RP 8, but I do agree that it would be handy to be able to search for widget names and be able to view a list of cases where they were used. I’ll go ahead and put in a feature request for the “Find” dialog to add cases as a search result when searching for a widget name. Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks very much! I didn’t even realize you had a Find under the Edit menu - I’ve only ever used the mag glass filter find on the outline and object library (which is like the photoshop or mac spotlight - very useful!)

But allowing you to search event cases for a widget would be invaluable. Please do add this and let us know when we can expect such a feature! :slight_smile:

Add a big ole “+1” for me. The only time I really need to search is to find the case where I have errantly disabled some widget. Being able to find where I have disabled that widget would be a huge benefit to me.

For me the solution to this problem has been to generate a WORD specification and then search that for references. Not ideal, but helpful when I can’t find that annoying OnClick Hide Object which keeps popping up when I demo my mockup.