Can you temporarily suspend a link?

Is it possible to temporarily suspend a link from

I have already sent the link, and now I just want to stop access to it without deleting it nor locking with password.

I looked around AxureShare but could not find this feature.

Hi adintee!

While it’s not possible to suspend a link for an Axure Share project’s ID without deleting the project, you could publish a different project to that project ID! This would make it so that when the link is opened, a blank project, or another project of your choice, would display. To change the project associated with your Axure Share project ID, open a substitute or blank project file and click on the “Share” button. There will be an option to update an existing project in the Publish to Axure Share dialog. Select this option and then enter your project’s ID into the project ID field, or click on the ellipsis to open your Axure Share workspaces and select the project from there:


Click the “Publish” button to publish this new project file to the project ID.

I hope this helps!

Replacing the project is an interesting idea. Here is a variation on that, but using the same .rp or .rpprj file. It occurs to me that you could selectively choose to publish all pages (the default HTML generator option) to have it “up and running” and then just publish one page–a “Sorry, not available” or “404” type of page in your prototype to “suspend” it. You can control this via the Publish > More Generators and Configurations… menu option, then double-clicking the default HTML generator (“HTML 1”) then clicking “Pages”. Ooh–better yet, duplicate your default “HTML 1” generator and name it something like “Suspend HTML”, then edit that to only publish one page. This would make “suspending” and “enabling” an easy task of just changing the generator when you publish to Axure Share. So, select Publish > Publish to Axure Share… then click the Configuration droplist to choose “HTML 1” or “Suspend HTML” then click Publish.

These methods of updating the project would technically “delete” the main content/pages of your prototype, and while it could be easily restored, it would limit you or others from accessing it on Axure Share when it is in “suspended mode.” So, if you and a test moderator or lead developer want to still use the prototype but prevent others from using it, here are some alternate approaches.

In the past, when I’ve wanted to create an “uptime window” for a prototype–say, only available during certain days or scheduled usability test time slots, I’ve used the Home page to control this. This should work on Axure share, any server, or locally. It is not “bulletproof foolproof” but if you share a link without sidebar it should work well enough.

I’ll make the Home page blank (or with text like, “This prototype currently unavailable. Check back on Tuesday”) and in the OnPageLoad event, create a Case with condition that tests the current date and/or time. So if I wanted it to be available only this week (April 8 through 12) and only after noon, I could use something like, (If [[Now.getMonth]] equal to "4" and [[Now.getDate]] greater than "7" and [[Now.getDate]] less than "13" and [[Now.getHours]] greater than "12") Open Page 1 in Current Window. That keeps everything in one .rp file and the case can be changed, removed, or add more cases to easily maintain it.

If you need to share the prototype with the sidebar or want a little more “security” you could create a “traffic cop” prototype with one page only as outlined above. Share only this link. Have that Home page load the URL for your working prototype–or not; just sitting there when “suspended”–and/or load it in an inline frame widget (in which case the URL would not be visible to users; although easily discovered by inspecting the HTML, so not bulletproof but likely good enough.) Your OnPageLoad condition for the “traffic cop” prototype could just be If "1" equal to "2" to suspend, then changed to If "1" equal to "1" to enable. Or, you could have it test the value of OnLoadVariable with If OnLoadVariable equal to "true" Open <link> and then just change the default value of OnLoadVariable to “true” to enable your prototype (Project > Global Variables) …Just some options depending on what you find easiest.

Thanks for the replies.

I have decided to just duplicate the project, and delete the previous one.

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