Cannot add a column to the repeater - no dropdown

I cannot get another column to display by setting text, does not present a list of columns already defined.
On the tutorial i can.

Pleas help.

Are you able to share your .rp file?

Where? Dataset or repeater.item?

Thanks but I sorted out the problem, I had not added a repeater shape to contain it.

I need to add and rearrange columns in my repeater. My problem may be a lack of understanding in exactly how repeaters work. I’m a student in a time crunch and am hoping to figure this out before I have to abandon ship and start over using straight HTML. Can you please tell me how to add and move columns in my repeater and have them reflected in the Case Editor’s Configure Actions drop down list for my repeater… using very detailed and newbie language? Thank you!

Here is my file. (I’m a student so the data is made up.)
sgraham_sp18_bmi6300_project_prototype.rp (331.8 KB)

Oh, note that the data for my repeater has been changed and those changes are not reflected in my repeater.

To add a column, just double click the “Add Column” text in the repeater dataset and type in the name for the new column.

Columns are just data so rearranging them won’t do anything. That said, you can use the sideways arrow buttons seen in the screenshot to move columns for ease of editing the data.

To your second point, the only way to change the data in a repeater is to go in an edit it yourself, so if you changed it then those changes should be reflected. Can you clarify what you mean? A repeater is not a persistent database. If you run your prototype and add some rows, you won’t see those when you go back to editing the Axure file. Those changes will be gone as soon as you close the browser.