Cannot add rows to repeater, and widgets in repeater not updating

Hello, Axure newbie here, using Axure for the first time for a student project.

So, this is for a “book” app prototype, and I wanted to use repeaters since books will be added, and there would be too many variables if each added book (inc. titles, author, etc.) has its own global variable.

The idea is after pressing the “add a book” button on the homepage, it opens a dynamic panel that allows you to fill in the text fields or select from a droplist that auto-fills those. I already added in the “add a book” button in said dynamic panel to add a row to the repeater based on what’s filled in those text fields (using local variables as per the tutorials). Afterwards, the panel state of the homepage should change, and the repeater is displayed on the new state.

However, the widgets on the repeater card did not update, even though I already connected each widget to a row, and added an “Item Load” interaction which would change the texts based on what is in each row.

Can anybody help me see what might went wrong? (or maybe a better way to do this). Here’s the file:

repeaterproblem.rp (502.3 KB)