Cannot comment on Axshare as a Guest 'There was a user mismatch'

Our stakeholder cannot comment anymore and getting ‘There is a user mismatch. Please try again’

Used to be working on the same prototype

Hi Ana!

There was a recent change to our commenting flow for those users that do not have Axure accounts to allow these stakeholders to be notified when their comments receive replies. That most likely explains the sudden change in behavior.

With that said, you might see this error if your browser is blocking third party cookies. For example, In Chrome you can find this setting in the Chrome preferences under “Privacy and security”.

Could you have your stakeholder confirm that they aren’t blocking third party cookies?

If they continue to experience this problem after allowing these cookies, we would want to get more information (e.g. which browser they use) and it would best to escalate this to our support team: