Cannot get Axure to fire four panel state changes at once


I have been working on a prototype for a new store locator that works with two zipcodes, which are 85028 and 69142. When the user searches by zipcode and clicks the “select this store” button, I need four dynamic panels to change states in order to match the information for the selected store. It works-ish, but for some reason, rather than executing all four panel changes on one click, it executes one panel change at a time, and I have to click the button multiple times for all of the panel changes to occur.

The steps I’m following in the prototype are the click “select your store” in the header, search the zipcode 85028, and select “Piestewa Peak” as the store. It should update the header to say “Piestewa Peak” and the subsequent dropdown as well. Also, the page itself will show that it is now delivering to 85028 and the pickup in store option should change to Piestewa peak as well.

I know Axure can change multiple states at once, I do it all the time. So I’m not sure quite what I’m doing wrong here. I’ve attached my file here in case anyone might be able to help (fingers crossed!). The PDP page is where I originally built the prototype. PDP 2 is just where I copied the original and started testing things.

store-locator-sample.rp (825.5 KB)

This is a super-late reply to your original post, but I saw nobody else had replied and I wanted to chime in with this:

In my experience working with Axure since RP 6 (2013), I find that when I’m doing a bunch of things at once, it helps to add some wait 10ms (or some other smallish amount of time) at certain points. This is especially helpful when I’m doing things like Set Text or Set Variable Value, etc., when those new values might be used concurrently in subsequent dynamic panel state changes. Doing that provides for processing time to make sure it finishes executing one set of commands before continuing to execute any remaining commands.

For context, a lot of the prototyping I do includes using hotspots as “listeners” by having Move (by 0,0) interaction events, with conditional cases containing varying blocks of pseudo-code. Sometimes they even call their own Move (by 0,0) after 1000 or 2000 ms, which lets me simulate “while” loops.

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