Cannot get menus to work properly...tried for hours and hours...nothing works

Can someone please help with my issue. No matter what I do I cannot get axure to do what I need. Worst part is the behavior is very inconsistent, change one attribute get a result, reverse that single change, and you have another result not as it was before the change…super frustrating.

All i’m trying to do is have a menu on top of the page that is frozen to the top. A second collapsible menu on the right. When the menu on right expands, it should show in front of the content on the page (I gave up on push/pull because it never worked consistently and deferred to basic show/hide).

Another issue is not matter what I set the top menu to, when scrolling some panels become transparent and you can see the content peak through some of the top menu items. What really makes no sense is i’m using masters for the content in the top menu and on different pages, there’s completely different behaviors. Again, very frustrating…think I’ve said that a couple times.

Anyway, what I thought should take a couple hours has turned into a revolving door of issues. Not sure if its because i’m using version 9, because I don’t remember ever having this type of difficulty.

Any help appreciated, sample file attached.

thanksAxure Issues.rp (1.4 MB)

Also forgot to add, there is no good way to make the menus fit to the appropriate size of the page. Nothing I tried with page size variables or anything produced consistent results.

Hi there - you need to look in the outline view on the top right of your Axure window, then drag the Main Menu master right to the top of the stack of widgets. At the moment it is below a number of other widgets, so when you scroll down, these widgets will appear over it. The order of widgets in the outline dictates what is displayed above or below each widget.Axure Issues.rp (1.4 MB)

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