Cannot paste Raise Event Action

I have a “Raise Event” Action in a Click/Tap interaction on a grouped widget in a master panel
I copy the the “Raise Event” Action
Then try to paste it and nothing happens.
When I do the same thing to say a “Set Selected” Action. It will paste a copy to the widget inside the same interaction

This works for me… I just double-checked this in a prototype (RP9 v9.0.0.3722 with latest Chrome v86 on Win10.)

Are you trying to copy-paste a Raise Event from one widget to another widget in the same Master? I tested this by copy-pasting the Click or Tap event from one widget to another, and copy-pasting just the Raise Event from Click or Tap to the Move event of the same widget and that of another widget. All worked.

if you are trying to copy-paste a Raise Eventfrom one widget to another widget in another Master, then it should work to paste the Raise Event action, but if the second widget does not have that event defined, then the event to raise will be null (nothing). So, best to create that even in the Raise Event list of the second widget before copy-pasting, but you can do it afterwards as well.

If any of this does not work for you, then I recommend restarting Axure and trying again, then rebooting your computer and trying again, then sending an email to, attach your .rp file and explain your problem and how it occurred in as much detail as possible.