Cannot see elements in outline: Page

I have almost drawn a wireframe. But from where do I track the elements and groups? Ideally, I believe it can be seen in outline: Page, but can’t view any elements there.

Hi AsthaS,

Would you be able to check if there are any Outline filters applied? Here’s a screenshot:

If the widgets still do not show up in the Outline pane, though, there may be an issue affecting your specific file. Would you be able to verify this along with testing a fresh new RP file (“File > New”)? Let me know what you find!

I have the same issue. First i had all of my elements/groups in the Outline page exactly configured like screenshot in your post, and now they are all gone. Can you help me with that?
If I create a new RP, the elements al shown to me.

Kind regards

Hi Arnoud,

Did the entire Outline pane get removed? Or are all the widgets gone from the existing Outline pane? If it’s the first issue, try resetting the view in your RP menu “View > Reset View”. But if it’s the second issue, I’m hoping you can attach both the RP file and screenshots of the entire UI as you’re viewing your project and the missing widgets. We can check things out from there–thank you!

Hi! I have the same issue, already tried your suggestions but still can’t see my elements.

Hi luciagzz,

That’s odd! Would you be able to post your RP file here for me to test? If you’d rather keep the file private, please send that over to, and we’ll be able to further troubleshoot through that channel.

In the meantime, could you try switching pages or restarting Axure RP to see if that resolves the issue? And would you happen to recall any specific steps that were taken prior to this happening?