Cannot see the the guides and dynamic panel in the new Beta update today

I’ve just upgraded to .3619 today
There are a couple of possible issues:

  1. When I try to grab the guide from the ruler, the guide doesn’t show up. I don’t see global guides either.
  2. Dynamic panels that are hidden don’t show up at all; they used to show up in yellow. They are not hidden from view, I just double checked.
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I have the same version installed, and I’m not seeing these issues. (I’m on the Mac, though.)

Check the Masks menu and make sure Mask Hidden Objects is checked.

Do the same for guides:

Otherwise, this might be a Windows-only issue, or who knows!

My “Mask Hidden Objects” is checked, and I cannot see my dynamic panels on the canvas. I can see them in another project, but not in the one I am working on now. I have toggled the check back and forth, re-started the app and nothing seems to help.

I feel like I hit some key-combo and hid them and now I cannot get them back. Any idea how to fix this?

OK, I just checked for updates and there was a small update to .3620 and one I installed that and re-launched the app my panels are visible again.

I think there is a glitch with guides. I closed and reopened the file and now the guides are visible. One thing I am not a fan of is that where you drag a guide from the ruler, global guides show up and clutter the guide I am dragging. I haven’t see this happening in Ax 8. Is there any way for it not to happen?
Thank you

Hi arouben,

Hmm, I’m unable to get the same behavior where dragging a guide from a ruler triggers the global guides. Could you take a quick video of the Axure RP canvas recording the errant behavior? Please also let me know the build of the 9 beta you are running (e.g. 3621), as well as the version of Mac or Windows. Thanks!

I am still experiencing the issue with not seeing the guides, I have to reopen the file to see them but then after after a bit they don’t show up again without me changing any settings. Anyone else seeing it?
I am on a mac.

Hi arouben,

Our QA team recently found a bug where using the eye dropper causes grids, guides, and masks to disappear from the canvas on the Mac version of the 9 beta, and our teams are working on a fix for the issue. In the meantime, the workaround, as you’ve found, is to close and reopen the file.

Hopefully this helps a bit!

Glad that the bug was found :slight_smile: and I wasn’t imagining things :slight_smile:
And thank you!!!