Can't add new pages to a published project?

I have a team project that has been published a few times. Now, I’ve created 2 pages and would like to publish to Axure Cloud, but I cannot select the new pages in the Publish project Settings section (I haven’t checked Publish all pages, but instead selected the relevant pages)? All the content on the Pages tab is disabled, so I cannot select ‘Publish all pages’ nor select new/more pages?

All help is much appreciated?


Hi Nanna!

With team projects, you can check in and check out pages, but you can check in and check out HTML generator settings as well! If the option to select the “Publish all pages” checkbox looks to be disabled, you can check the Publish Project dialog for the option to check out the HTML generator:


Once the generator has been checked out, you can check the “Publish all pages” checkbox, check the generator back in to save the changes, and update the team project again if necessary. The newly added pages should start appearing after this change has been made!

Let me know if you run into any issues with this!

Hi Chelsea,
Thank you very much for your quick reply and fix - it worked perfectly (however it seems a bit cumbersome and not quite obvious to me why this has to be done … but never mind as it worked :slight_smile: )


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