Can't Edit DP State Names

In 3262 when adding states to a DP you can’t edit it’s name once you create it.

Hi KavaKiwi,

This looks to be working on my end. Could you try updating to the latest build (3627) to see if that helps?

Ok I discovered what the issue is. If I double click to quickly it doesn’t register to edit. So I have to slow double click by maybe half a second between clicks.

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I’m having the issue too, on build 3654.

The use of invisible functions in Axure 9 is regrettable, and something that v8 didn’t suffer from. Of particular annoyance is the use of tools that only appear when you mouse over them. It took me ages to work out how to copy a panel state from the above screen, for example (particularly as there are now several possible places in the UI where such a function might live).

I hesitate to criticise, since designing a tool for designers must be hellish… but if you can’t see a function, you’re not going to know it’s there. And if you then have to remember to waggle your mouse about on each screen to remind yourself about what you can do after that, then I’m having a tough time calling that good design.

Hi, guys!

I’m a new Axure user (I’ve been working with a lot of UI and UX software and recently started learning Axure). Thanks, KavaKiwi, I’ve been having the same issue and decided to look it on the Axure forums, after double clicking like a mad man here. Your post really helped me :slight_smile: . So it’s not a build problem (as I have the latest installed) and it’s quite sad that they didn’t fix this. Don’t want to be mean, but having to slowly double click in order to RENAME a state in a UX prototyping software is not ok.
Please fix this.