Can't link from a Master to pop-up panel

Hi Everyone
Having a bit of a problem…am used to making pop-up panels to login pages. But I can’t seem to make it work on this project (my first adaptive view document). I have tried to put a link from the Master out to link to the pop-up LOGIN page…but the Dynamic Panel does not reveal itself to click and program it.
Can somebody have a look at my document and see what I am missing please. Have a brief mark up provided to guide too! The link needs to come from the ‘Sign In or Register’ part of artwork.

Thanks in advance: DarylNET-A-PORTER.rp (3.9 MB)

Masters exist in their own context and you can’t directly affect widgets on other pages because the master could be placed on any page. You also can’t do interactions across pages directly in Axure anyway.

Instead, you need to use a raised event. Find the event on your master that you want to use to trigger the actions on your page. For example, OnClick of a specific widget. Now instead of adding the actions you normally would, add a Raised Event action, create a new raised event, and give it a descriptive name.

Now when you place your master, you’ll see that named event show up as an event when you click the master. That event will get triggered when whatever event in the master you added the Raised Event to is triggered. After placing your master on the page, add your actions to the Raised Event found on that instance of the master.

thanks very much…Daryl