Can't preview pages inside Folders

Hello together,

I currently run into the problem, that if I want to preview a page which is inside a folder the preview of the page is always completly blanc. Also the tab of the page is titled “Untitled document” and doesn’t show the right naming of the page. The tree strucure is like this:

Can anybody support me with this?


Hi Markus!

Hmm, I haven’t been able to reproduce an issue like this yet. To further troubleshoot this behavior, could you please create a new project file and then try adding a similar page and folder structure to this new file? If the behavior happens again in this new file, please let me know. If the behavior seems to only happen in your original file, please send along this project file for further review. If this file contains sensitive information that you do not wish to post to the forum, you can send your project file to our support team by emailing Thanks!

Hey Chelsea,

thanks for your fast support! You’re right I can also not reproduce it in a new file, so it seems to be an issue with my original file.