Can't see my bespoke widgets or widget library

Hi all,

I have created my own CTAs by grouping elements, but I cannot see any of them in the library. I also can’t see the widget library at all. Screenshot attached - could anyone please advise?

Hi Natasha!

Hmm, just to confirm, has the widget library been added your Libraries pane, as described in our widget library documentation? Have all of your widget library changes been saved in your RPLIB file? If the changes have been saved and the library has already been added to your Libraries pane, we can try some additional troubleshooting steps.

To begin, please try opening a new, blank project file. Please review your Libraries pane after the new project has been opened, to see if the widget library and its widgets are able to be displayed. Please let me know if the library does not successfully display at this time!

Thank you advance!