Card-accordion - repeater - Expand / Collapse /pull / push content below


I am working on creation of a card, that works similarly to an accordion. Preview

A question:
Once I click on the collapsed card on top, the card below moves down to accommodate the expansion of the card on top. How would I move the card below up, when the top card collapses?

This is an action that push card below:


Thanks in advance!

  • Natalie

Hi Natalie -

A good way to do this is to encase the repeater in a fit-to-content dynamic panel, and then add this interaction to the DP

   Move CardBelow to [[This.left]] , [[This.bottom]]

Be sure to use “Move to” and not “Move by”

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Thank you very much, Joseph!
I tried to add this script, and… ‘CardBelow’ somehow jump to left-bottom of windows…
I think, I put it on wrong place… May you advice me, where I should add this script, in order to move the card below up, when the top card collapses.

ACCORDION-CARD01.rp (463.5 KB)

Thanks in advance!

  • Natalie

No problem, Natalie!

I removed the Move command that you had in the repeater row, “Converted” the repeater to a dynamic panel (basically just put it inside of a fit-to-content DP), and added the aforementioned “Move to” command to that DP.

ACCORDION-CARD01.rp (469.3 KB)

Wow, this is incredible, as everything you do in Axure, Joseph! Thank you so much!
Truly appreciate all of your time and your guidance.

Works perfectly now :slight_smile:

  • Natalie