Carousel with clickable buttons that take user to page


Quite a new user of Axure RP 8 and have been following various tutorials.

I’m trying to create a carousel for a website mock-up that has buttons on some of its states that take you to another page on the website mock-up.

I have managed to make the carousel timed as a dynamic panel and have created clickable nav arrows. I understand there might be a limitation with dynamic panels and clickable buttons?

I have uploaded on RP file if that is any help.Axure intro task.rp (158.6 KB)

Thank you for any help given.



Hi Scott,

You have a rectangle widget that is layered on top of the dynamic panel that is preventing you from clicking anything in the dynamic panel:

If you move that rectangle behind the dynamic panel (move it farther down the list) your logic on the button for slide 3 should work just fine. I don’t think you need the set adaptive view action, but that’s not going to hurt anything, either :slight_smile:


Thanks! So glad this is a simple layering mistake.

Thanks for the help.