Carrying over selected information on the same page

In Axure RP, How can I get selected information on an overlay to “carry over” to another widget on the same page? FYI, my project is to allow a teacher to create a tour schedule for his/her class visiting an art museum.

Here’s what I’d like the prototype to end up doing:

  1. Click on an exhibition image or name they want to see.
  2. An overlay opens containing the exhibition description and corresponding galleries to choose from.
  3. Select desired galleries.
  4. Click Add to Tour button.
  5. The name of the exhibition and the selected galleries and their images are then populated into a column on the right side of the same page.

Here are four basic approaches for this:

  1. Create global variable(s). When a desired gallery is selected, set the global variable accordingly. You can set the variable value to the name of the gallery or a number corresponding to that gallery. When the Add to Tour button is pressed, read the global variable(s) to set the appropriate text widgets, images, dynamic panel states, etc. You could use one global variable, like “Galleries” and keep adding text to it as each gallery is selected, then parse that variable when it is read, or if you have a limited set of galleries, create one global variable for each gallery, which makes it easier to set and “read back”. In your right column, you could have one text widget for the name of all selected galleries, and just add to it with something like, [[Target.text GalleryVar]] (where Target points to your right column text widget and GalleryVar is the global variable. You can include line breaks in the “fx” code.

  2. Use hidden widgets on the page to capture the same thing as you would with global variables. These essentially become “page-local variables” and can be shown during your development to make it easier to debug. While you have limited number of global variables, text widgets are basically unlimited. Global variables do track across pages if you need, though.

  3. Create a selected state for your gallery widgets. This doesn’t have to be a visual difference–but should be for usability anyway. When the Add to Tour button is pressed, test each gallery widget, as in, “If selected of Gallery1 is true, (show RightColumnGallery1)” or “If selected of Gallery1 is true, set text on RightColumnGalleryName to text on Gallery1” etc. You can use the rich text option to add line breaks, typography styling, etc.

  4. When a gallery is chosen, show a widget, like a checkmark icon, to indicate it has been selected. When Add to Tour button clicked, test the visibility, as in, "If Gallery1Check is visible, (do something to right column.)