Case "widget X is over widget Y" not triggering on iPhone (nicescroll library bug?)


I found a bug with Axure on iOS.

I want a dynamic panel to change states if a hotspot is over the area of the header dynamic panel. This is achieved by an “Window ScrolledDown” event that has a case “IF area of X is over area of Y”.

This works as expected if I open the prototype on Safari on my Mac and also on my Android phone, but not my iPhone. It simply does not trigger, as if the condition would not be met on iOS.

Here is a simple demo:

To Axure team:

it does behave as what @LBee mentioned, PC & Android are working fine, but not iOS.

suspect it’s related to the JS library Axure is using, so apparently Axure is using nicescroll library which generates tons of errors while scrolling

and there is a fix for it

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Hi guys, I am observing the same issue but I don’t understand the fix. Can you please explain? Thanks!!!

Yeah it seems the “fix” is intended at the Axure guys and not us, the end users … unfortunately, this topic seem not to get any attention from the Axure people :frowning:

Thanks for the report! We’re going to fix the nicescroll issue and take a look to see if that addresses this bug.