Challenge: creating fluid table from 2 repeaters-add-delete row

I created a fluid-resizable table that fit in any Desktop screen.

May I please ask if anybody could advise:

  1. how to ‘Add user’ from ‘Popup modal’ to 2 repeaters.

  1. How to ‘Delete’ user from ‘User summary modal’ to 2 repeaters.

add-delete user.rp (1.2 MB)

Thank you in advance,

Hi Natalie!

For clarification:

The first example is adding a user, not reassigning roles of an existing user, correct?

In the second example, it looks like this modal provides adding a user, updating existing users, and deleting users. How is this dialog constructed? Seems like it would need to contain two repeaters as well that are kept in sync with all other repeaters. Just one user can be selected at a time, right?

Here’s a simple example of adding to two repeaters. Note that both need to have an id assigned to them (even though the second one doesn’t display it) so that you can easily delete from both repeaters using a rule. E.g.,

Delete rows from repeater where [[ == LVAR_id]]

…assuming LVAR contained the id of the desired user.

[Edit]: updated example below to include deleting a user:

addrowstorepeaters.rp (58.6 KB)


Hi Joseph,

Wow! You have showed and explained the exact working solution brilliantly addressing the concept of the mockups! It totally works.

Thank you so much for your quick response and amazing help! Truly appreciate it.

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