Challenge! Multiple filter counters

May I please ask if there is any way to have the selection counters (shown in the pic) to count the selections in the corresponding drop-downs separately? Right now, the counters show the sum of selections in both drop-downs.


Filter count question.rp (336.4 KB)

Thank you in advance,

Hi Natalie!

Since both dropdowns share the same global variable for the count, the two dropdown totals are added together.

When creating a “component” like your dropdown, it’s best to make it self contained, so if you drag it from a library or paste it into another file, you aren’t forced to create a global variable that it relies on first.

Rather than using a global variable, within the widget itself create a label widget and use the label’s value for counting. (This is located in the same DP that contains the repeater.) This way each instance of the component will maintain its own count.

I updated the first (leftmost) dropdown to rely on such a label. You can simply copy and paste that dropdown and then change its repeater’s dataset to create a new dropdown.

Filter count question.rp (340.2 KB)

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Hi Joseph!

Thank you a lot! I learn so much from you every time you share your axure wizardry.

Now everything works as per your description! :slight_smile:

Thank You!

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