Change background color for Masters

Hi, is there a way to change the background of a page behind a master? I’m trying to work with a master that has links with text labels that are white, making it hard to work with the master?


Hi Anne,

Since there isn’t a way to change the background image of the actual master, would it help to use the back image of a DP or an actual Page? If you double-click a DP, you’ll see the “Back Image” option in the lower pane named “Panel State Style”. A similar Back Image setting can be found at the Page level as well–again, in the lower pane named “Page Style”. Hope this helps!

Hi Axure Team,

I can see that the background color on a master can be changed in Axure 9. Thanks! Now it will be much easier to work on masters with “white” text and icons :slight_smile:


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