Change dynamic panel state and focus field, keep mobile keyboard open

Hello, I am new to Axure and would love a little help in achieving a simple action;

I want to click on something (lets say a button) and a search box opens with box focused on, and therefore the cursor flashing and the keyboard open on mobile.

I have create a dynamic panel for both the page, and what would be an overlay with a search box. I have added a Search button that onClick opens the search box ‘overlay’ - panel state no.2. I have also set onClick of the button, that the search text field on panel state 2 is already focused.

This works for a second - the cursor is in the box and the mobile keyboard opens - but only for a second - and then it closes again / loses focus.

The prototype is online here:

and here is the file attached.

mobile search focus test.rp (75.6 KB)

Any help massively appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Did this get resolved? I am having the same issue