Change Dynamic Panel State with dragging the slider

I want to do this thing as given in screenshot.
on dragging the blue slider, the dynamic panel should move left and right.

Please do this functionality. I am not able to do that… This involves
Dynamic Panel state chnage.

drag-slider-chnage-states.rp (60.4 KB)



Here it does what you wrote:[quote=“neerajk, post:1, topic:52668”]
on dragging the blue slider, the dynamic panel should move left and right
[/quote]drag-slider-chnage-states_V2.rp (87.8 KB)

But not sure that it does what you expect… :expressionless:


  1. Use Ondrag on your blue slider to move itself with DragX: it will move the blue slider with the movement of your mouse but only on horizontal direction

  2. Add boundaries to block blue slider on the right and on the left of the scroll bar

  3. Move the dynamic panel using OnDrag on it: use Target.y so the dynamic panel stay on its y postion, and Target.x-Drag.y so the dynamic goes left when the blue slider goes right


its going out of the screen.

yes it indeed is :ok_hand:

It should work like…

Check Todays Deal section … coming after slider…

Pierre, do you know how to make the circles not go past the rectangle? I basically want to turn this into a sub-menu where you can scroll down and see the information below…is this case its everything is within the rectangle…

Hi @JEY,

Sorry I didn’t quite understand what you would like to do :sweat_smile:
Could you please provide some sketching to explain it?


PierreJ, turns out I don’t even understand the question now that I’ve looked at it, but I did manage to actually solve this already - I guess it was one of those days lol. Thanks again for reaching out to lend a hand. Cheers, JEY.

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Nice that you did manage to solve this issue :laughing:

Have a good day :wink: