Change panel state inside a repeater

Maybe @josephxbrick can help me with this one! :slight_smile:

A similar situation to adjusting the width of a widget in the repeater depending on a cell’s data, I need to be able to change a panel state. Any suggestions on how this would occur?

For example, it might be something like the different colors attached to an Axure forum topic.


Yes, you would use a similar technique. Put the name of the states in a column in the repeater’s dataset (we’ll call this column state). We’ll be setting the state of the DP inside of the repeater by value using the Set panel state command.


You’ll see that value is the last item in the Select state dropdown.

Then, for the value, enter [[Item.state]], which will grab the name of from the column and use it to set the state.

Honestly, these are great workarounds and can be foundational improvements to the repeater in the future. Thanks.

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