Change "preview" of default library widgets?

Hi there,

I used widget styles to format the default widget, e.g. for “Box 3”. Is it possible to “update” the preview image within the library pane?

e.g., I changed the style to have an orange filling. It would be great to see that color already in the library pane, since now box1, box2 and box3 all have different colors than those seen in the preview. We would now have to remember which is what.

Is that only possible with a custom library, or can I actually change the default one?

and when dragged on stage:


Hi kscherlebeck,
I don’t know why do you want to change in default Libraries.
Answer is yes. You can change it.

Try below steps
Step 1: Open your axure installed path
C:\Program Files (x86)\Axure\Axure RP 8\DefaultSettings\Libraries

Note: First take a backup all Libraries.

Step 2: Open Default library

Step 3: Now you can add custom icons

My Suggestion: Just copy the default library and rename it using it as a custom library.


What about mac?
Fo we need to edit the files inside the app?

What about mac?
Same steps we have to follow, but file location I am not sure.

Fo we need to edit the files inside the app?
Yes, we need to edit the files inside the app.