Change/remove page navigation in prototype player

We’re having issues in our Axure 9 prototype when users enter a “.” in their email address. Because Axure 9 has this key mapped to “move to the next page” users are unable to complete the task before the prototype takes them to the next page.

How can I remove/change this key mapping?

I just tested this issue myself in my own prototype. It looks like the “.” key only works as move to the next page when a field is not in focus. Once I setFocus on an input field, i was able to type “.” without it affecting the page.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not experiencing the same interaction. In our prototype, if I focus on the field, enter a period, the period appears, and the page switches immediately after. Weird.

Can this be configured?

Hmm, do you have any OnTextChange interactions that may be removing focus from the text field, or any OnKeyDown/OnKeyUp/other related events that may be causing the text field to lose focus? If you’re able to share a sample file that has the text field that won’t accept the [.] input then that would help to investigate!

I was experiencing an issue related to the bug linked below:

Thanks for that! That linked bug appears to have been widget-specific. If you’re still seeing the issue and are able to share the file, would you mind sending it over to and pointing out the bad widget so that we can take a look and add that to the report? Thank you!

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